Family Law & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Focusing on Your Family, Your Future and Your Finances

Attorney Feinberg focuses on conflict resolution in divorce and matrimonial disputes. Where possible, legal advocacy and mediation can resolve these disputes before trial. Nonetheless, when other efforts have failed, Attorney Feinberg is always prepared to go to trial. His expertise extends to complex business valuation matters, alimony disputes, tax issues arising in the matrimonial context and international custody disputes. In all cases, the watchword is personal and professional one-on-one representation.

High Net Worth Divorces Involving Substantial Assets

Where substantial assets are involved, there is often an added layer of complexity that complicates finding a just resolution. For example, many of our divorcing clients come to us with an equity interest in a partnership or closely held corporations. Attorney Feinberg works closely with a network of professionals in areas such as forensic accounting and investment planning to evaluate marital assets and the tax and business implications of a division of assets caused by divorce. He has broad experience in uncovering hidden assets, marital fraud or breach of fiduciary responsibility.

Examples of Attorney Feinberg's work at both the trial and appellate level are:

Family law cases in the appellate courts:

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