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November 18, 2022:
Fantastic representation "Paul responded very quickly to my inquiries and eventually ended up helping me with a BBO matter Stemming from an unreasonable opposing party. As an attorney, making the decision to retain an attorney seemed a bit like a waste of money to me. I consider myself to be quite skilled and capable and wondered what he might do for me that I wouldn't be able to do on my own. But I can say now that it was the best money I ever spent for a service. He was able to say things in my defense that I couldn't say myself without sounding like a boaster and could push hard in my defense In a way that would not have seemed as sincere if it came from me. I would say that Even if you're a great writer or attorney, having an objective voice and a passionate advocate can make all the difference. I would hire Paul any day of the week to help in any type of situation, but particularly if you have trouble with the BBO. He has a wealth of experience dealing with the bar and knows all of the players, which is terrific but he also has tremendous insight and an ability to work with people and see to the heart of a matter that just cannot be taught. He is a skilled negotiator and superior representative. I cannot speak highly enough when it comes to attorney Glickman."
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November 4, 2021
"I would like to personally thank Attorney Paul Glickman for his exceptional work as an incredibly skilled attorney!!! Further, I would strongly recommend Attorney Glickman to anyone who is seeking an amazing advocate to render high quality work and stellar results. Furthermore, it was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with Paul. More importantly, he is excellent at articulating and executing his strategies, while putting forth a highly effective game plan to tackle tough litigation issues. Paul, I have thanked you personally a thousand times, but felt it was necessary for other people to know of your fine talents as well. Thanks again Attorney Glickman for your exceptional work and fine professionalism!!!" -Douglas

July 20, 2021
"If you are a Massachusetts attorney looking for the best possible representation in a bar discipline matter, you've found the place to stop looking. Paul Glickman is both an exceptionally diligent attorney and a patient and understanding advocate. He really took the time to understand and work with the allegations presented in my complaint, and was always in touch to let me know where we were at and what to expect during this stressful process. Although the record in my case was somewhat complex and involved hundreds of pages of documentation, Paul's excellent work resulted in full dismissal of the complaint"